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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate Social Responsibility is important for ITC. As a transport company, our impact on the environment and the emission of CO² is significant, so we feel a moral obligation to restrict this to a minimum. We try to work as CO²-neutral as possible by conducting business in an environmentally conscious manner. Besides that, we also feel it is important to be responsible for our employees and the surroundings of our organization. On this page you can read how we try to realize our social responsibility.



Sustainable transport
Our fleet consists solely of durable Euro 5 and Euro 6 vehicles. Recently we have discarded many old vehicles and bought sustainable new ones. Therefore we are well within compliance of the European norm for vehicles. We maintain our material in-house which enables us to practice optimal flexibility and care. It also ensures us of durable continued existence of our material.

Driving "clean" is very important to us. Our drivers receive personal instructions and training to stimulate driving "clean" and "green". Because they are consciously aware of the effect they can have on emissions, we can considerably reduce our CO² emission.

Since 2005 we own tank containers. We employ these for long distance hauling for intermodal transport via rail and water. This occurs in cooperation with the client and partner transport companies. This manner of transport is a lot more environmentally friendly than similar transport, conducted solely by truck and trailer on the road. Another advantage is that a tank container often has a higher capacity, because they can often carry more weight, resulting in the usage of less containers for the same amount of product. Together with our client we strive to find a good balance between the needs of the customer and sustainability.


Sustainable cleaning
We are the first company in the world that has deployed a bio reactor to convert fatty wastewater from tank cleanings into biogas. This bio reactor allows us to cleanse the tank containers in a clean and sustainable manner. We accomplish that by converting dirty wastewater into green energy (biogas) and purified water. We have developed and tested this bio reactor together with supplier Paques ( You can read more about the development, how it works and future plans for the reactor on the page about the bio reactor. By using our bio reactor we have decreased considerably the volume of contaminated wastewater that has to be discharged in the sewer. That makes us leaders in the pursuance of the Law pertaining to Polluted Surface Water (Wet Verontreiniging Oppervlaktewater).


Golden Appel

In 2010, ITC has won the Golden Appel, an award for sustainability in business. Our unique bio reactor, the first of its kind, was the most important reason the jury chose ITC. The news article that was written of this can be found here, the Youtube-film that was made is shown beneath.





Lean and Green
All these sustainable initiatives have earned ITC very high scores in achieving the Lean and Green Award in September of 2012 (see Dutch award). This program, implemented by network organization Connekt and supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, rewards companies with the Lean and Green Award when they commit to a CO² reduction of minimally 20% within 5 years. Our Plan of Action doesn't stop there: ITC has set a target to realize a 24,6% reduction of CO² at the end of 2013, compared to 2008. With measures such as intermodal transport, the training of drivers to drive economically, a tire contract for efficient tires with Michelin, and the installation of an extraordinary bio reactor, ITC is determined to attain this ambitious, but realistic goal. Keep an eye on our website and we will soon publish information regarding the realization of this goal and future plans.


Development of our employees
Not only do we value sustainability, we also think training of our staff is very important. In order to keep their driver's license, our drivers are required by law to devote a certain number of hours to continued education (Code 95). This is their own responsibility. We, as employers, support them in this effort and grant them the opportunity to comply. We are certified by the CCV (the Dutch Contact Commission of Professional Competence) to train our drivers in-house. We train our drivers in a personal manner for e.g. "clean" driving, damage prevention and knowledge to use different means of communication.


Involvement with our surroundings
We are aware of our role as a social participant in our own environment. That's why we support several associations in our surrounding area. As an example: we are the main sponsor for R.K.S.V. Achilles ( located in Reek. This is the soccer club from the village where ITC Holland Transport B.V. originated. We hope that our involvement with our roots will give especially the youth in Reek a chance to continue to develop in sports and have a fun, instructive and healthy time.