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 Certificaten ITC Holland B.V.

Mission & Strategy


A business exists to reach a certain goal, to fill a certain vacuum to contribute to the general well-being. ITC Holland Transport is no different. ITC's founders recognized that the transport of dairy in Noord-Brabant could be improved and decided to establish a transport company to contribute to this goal. They had a mission to elevate the transportation of dairy in Noord-Brabant to a higher level. Nowadays, ITC not only contributes an important part to the transportation of liquid food in the Netherlands, but also in the rest of Europe, so our mission has changed. ITC's current mission statement, in short, is as follows:

ITC strives to be Europe's best quality food-tank transporter by paying special attention to hygiene, sustainability and the well-being of her employees and the environment.

This mission indicates that ITC intends to be an important link in the food transport chain, specifically transport of high quality liquid food. It involves transport of raw materials per tank container to factories, as well as pick-up of unpackaged semi-manufactured goods and end products at the factories, to be delivered to packing locations or directly to the customers. ITC wants to execute these transport activities as the best in this line of commerce by working hygienic, sustainable, flexible and reliable and thus contribute to the tank container transport of liquids in Europe.

A company's mission is usually general in nature. To actually implement a mission, it needs to be made more concrete and exact issues need to be identified. ITC has achieved this by drafting four core values that lie at the heart of our business, that have our utmost attention and which reoccur in everything that we do. These core values are described and explained in detail on our page Core Values.

In order to realize our mission and core values, ITC has implemented a strategy where we emphasize the transport of liquid food in a hygienic, sustainable, flexible and reliable manner. These four priorities in our strategy are not accidentally equal to the aforementioned four core values. In this strategy we explain the strategic choices that are made on the basis of these four core values. Hygienic transport is realized by our attention to detail in processes that guarantee optimal food safety. Proof of this is delivered by a large number of diverse quality certificates that have been granted us for transport of goods as well as tank cleaning. The priority "sustainable" is exemplified by our choice of using the much more environmental friendly intermodal transport with tank containers for long distances. Core values such as flexibility and reliability or certitude are expressed by our approach that puts the customer first and foremost and by investing in modern technology for our trucks. This allows for complete information provision, which in its turn provides for optimal flexibility and reliability. Because of these strategic choices we can be a binding factor for food businesses in need of specialized tank transport, based on reliability, continuity and excellent communication.